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eCommerce Handbooks

>> These are practical guides to using e-commerce in small enterprises.  They provide case studies; a “ladder” of progress in e-commerce; an analysis questionnaire for e-commerce selection; help with strategic planning; and a set of best practice guides on various aspects of e-commerce.  One guide is aimed at entrepreneurs; the other is aimed at enterprise support agencies (organisations that help small enterprises start up and survive/grow).

  • Handbook on “eCommerce for Small Enterprise Development” for Ugandan enterprise support agenciesclick here for pdf version (c.900K)

Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and Small Enterprise Handbooks

>> These are practical guides to using ICTs in small enterprises.  One guide is for enterprise support agencies: it provides a detailed understanding of the role of ICTs in small enterprise, and guidance on agency strategy for helping small enterprises with ICTs.  The other guide is for entrepreneurs: it provides an overview of ICTs; a set of case studies; a guide to action for particular businesses; and a set of advice sheets on various aspects of using ICTs effectively in small enterprise.

Other eCommerce Reports