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General eCommerce for Development Sites:

Web Address Description Development Gateway eCommerce for Arts and Crafts Information Technology in African Business International Finance Corporation SMEs and IT page International Telecommunication Union eCommerce for Developing Countries PEOPLink project to help DC entrepreneurs set up international e-commerce links UNCTAD’s eCommerce site

Specific eCommerce for Development Documents:

Web Address Description Electronic Commerce: Issues for the South Includes eBusiness Strategy for Developing Countries IDS research documents on eCommerce for Development Links to eCommerce Legislation

Industrialised Country eCommerce for Small Enterprise Sites:

Web Address Description University of Durham ICTs for Small Business Atlantic Canada’s site on eBusiness for Small Business US National Federation of Independent Business: has ‘Business Toolbox’ on eBusiness for small enterprise

Industrialised Country eCommerce Strategies, Initiatives or Policies:

Web Address Description

Industrialised Country Other eCommerce Sites:

Web Address Description Economist eBusiness Forum European Commission Enterprise eBusiness site European Commission Information Society eCommerce site