A Handbook for Enterprise Support Agencies in Developing Countries

Richard Heeks & Richard Duncombe

IDPM, University of Manchester, UK

This handbook is for staff in agencies that support the development of small enterprise in developing countries. It aims to provide those staff with a better understanding of information and of information and communication technologies in enterprise development.

The handbook will also be of value to staff in donor agencies, government departments and professional business associations, and to researchers and students dealing with ICTs, with enterprise, and with development.

The handbook is divided into three sections: one on information in small enterprise; one on ICTs in small enterprise; and one on enterprise support agency strategies.

Each section is further divided into a number of sub-sections, each dealing with a key issue. Each issue will typically be covered on a single page with discussion followed by key questions that agency staff need to be addressing.

A glossary of ICT terms and some pointers to sources of further information are provided.

The handbook is available in three languages:

Language Formats
English HTML format (70Kb)


PDF format (460Kb)


ZIPped MS Word format (60Kb)


French PDF format (568Kb)


ZIPped MS Word format (68Kb)


Spanish PDF format (315Kb)


ZIPped MS Word format (69Kb)


Thanks to IICD in the Netherlands for funding the French and Spanish translation.

The pdf file needs Adobe Acrobat software to read it: download Adobe Acrobat Reader from here.

The zip file can be unzipped using standard unzip software: download unzip software from here.

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