E-Development Exchange

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eGovernment for Development

Aims to help public officials, consultants, and others in developing/transitional economies seeking information and assistance with e-government initiatives.  The project provides a source of new information that is of direct value to e-government practitioners, enabling them to make e-government more effective.  The project has focused sequentially on specific e-government topics: avoiding failure of e-government; using ICTs for government transparency; public sector health information systems; and m-government.  Content on the site draws largely from the “eGovernment for Development Information Exchange”: a network of many hundreds of e-government practitioners.  It includes case studies and best practice guidelines.

eCommerce for Development

Aims to help two groups in developing countries.  First, small enterprises which are or can be directly involved in e-commerce; enabling them to undertake developmentally-relevant e-commerce.  Second, small enterprise support agencies; enabling them to facilitate e-commerce in small enterprises.  The project has a main focus on India and Uganda.  It is producing two handbooks that focus on locally-relevant issues and case evidence developed from local sources. Cryptocurrencies seem to be the ideal payment mechanism in ecommerce as a potential choice since it is a digital transaction framework. For brands and retailers with a more specialised audience in sectors like computing and videogames, digital currencies may be worth investigating. Go through the bitcoin lifestyle erfahrungen shared by several users, to get better understanding of the crypto trading robots that helps in development of eCommerce. The site also contains existing resources on e-commerce/ICTs in small enterprise, plus links to other e-commerce-relevant resources.